Introduction to HATS®

Frequently Asked Questions


What is HATS®?

  • HATS® is an organization that strengthens relationships between Dads and Daughters through shared outdoor adventures.

My Daughter and I have never camped before. Can someone teach us?

  • Absolutely! No prior experience is required

What are the physical requirements?

  • The typical Dad and Daughter are well suited to participate in the program. Events are specifically designed to be fun and allow the dad to share an outdoor activity with their daughter. The camping trips are reasonably challenging, but are designed to be within the abilities of the vast majority of dad's and daughter's. 

Camping Equipment Needs?

  • We periodically hold meeting to discuss equipment needs, but it is usually basic camping items that you may already possess. HATS® sometimes loans equipment for activities like backpacking. Tents and other camping gear can be rented or borrowed. Canoes and Kayaks are rented at the river/lake so there is no need to buy one.

 Time requirements?

  • You will be invited to participate in 2-3 campouts per year.
  • Organizational meetings are held before a campout to make sure everyone has the proper information.
  • Winter Campout the last weekend in January.
  • Sweetheart banquet for Dad and Daughter teams in February.
  • Occasional special one-day events like orienteering,indoor rock climbing or gun safety.
  • There are no monthly meetings.
  • Attendance is not mandatory at any of the HATS® functions, but the teams benefit from each activity they attend.

Any special rules?

  • Only Dads or Stepdads can bring their daughters to the functions. (sorry, no substitutes)
  • Dads are expected to act as mature role-models for their daughters as well as for the other dad and daughter teams.
  • Dad and Daughter teams sleep in one tent. This is not a weekend “sleepover’ for the girls or a “boy’s night out” for the Dads.
  • No Alcohol permitted.
  • No cell phones, iPods, iPads, electronic game players (PSP), computers, or blackberry's allowed during campouts.

Are there bathrooms on the campouts?

  • Restroom facilities vary depending on the location of the campout and the activity. Learning how to address physical needs is part of the camping experience.

What do we eat?

  • Teams are responsible for bring their own meals and snacks at the campouts. Dinner is usually cooked over a common charcoal fire pit (each team is responsible for one bag of self lighting charcoal and 3 pieces of fire wood).

What do we wear?

  • Apparel will vary with the activity and weather. All this and more is addressed at the organizational meeting before each campout.

Why was HATS® started?

  • There was a lack of opportunities for Daughters and Dads to interact in a one-on-one outdoor setting. Young men have this opportunity through scouting, but there was no organization specifically designed to appeal to 5th-9th grade young women.

What are the most important goals of HATS®?

  • To strengthen the bond between a Daughter and Dad through quality time spent together.
  • To give the Daughter/Dad teams the opportunity to be together on camping trips, to increase the level of communication, and to create special life-long memories.

Common questions asked by the Daughters before joining HATS®:

  • My Dad and I have never camped before. Can someone teach us?
  • Are there bathrooms on the campouts?
  • What do we eat?
  • What do we wear?
    • All this and more is addressed at the organizational meetings.

  • Abilities of the vast majority of modern Dad’s abilities.