The Six-Year Program Dad and Daughter Development

HATS® begins with simple, easily attainable experiences then advances through more difficult and challenging adventures.

  • HATS® events range from one day instructional activities to weekend long campouts. One day events include: Orienteering, Gun Safety, a Rock Climbing lock-in and a Sweetheart Banquet. Weekend Campouts include: Canoeing, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Backpacking, Photography and Bushwhacking.
  • HATS® groups, are composed of Dad and Daughter teams divided up by grade level, from 4th - 9th grade.  Each grade level has two campouts per year focusing on themes designed to help Dads and Daughters communicate, gain trust, and learn to talk to each other about their goals, aspirations, and difficult problems.  Each theme is paired with an outdoor adventure.
  • Each HATS® outdoor adventure builds upon previous experience and offers new activities and challenges throughout the six-year program.
  • In HATS®, Sundays are special days devoted to Dad and Daughter breakout sessions, where games and exercises are used to teach communication skills. As the years go on, these skills are honed, and the goals of mutual respect, trust, and lifelong bonding are achieved between Dads and Daughters.
  • As each Dad and Daughter team becomes more experienced in outdoor activities, HATS® groups experience  more demanding activities, and, by the sixth year, Dads and Daughters are ready for an extended high-adventure wilderness trek.

The HATS® program is broken down into six years of campout themes, instruction and activities:

4th grade teams go to a New Member Campout in the fall and learn the basics of camping with HATS®.  The theme for this campout is" What is HATS® all about and the Great Pumpkin Search" In the spring of the 4th grade teams go to Dinosaur Valley State Park for a weekend campout and learn the basics of hiking. The theme for this campout is “What footprints will you leave?”

In the fall, the 5th grade campout focuses on a low ropes course. The theme for this campout is "Working Together and Challenge by Choice." The introductory instructional canoeing campout is in the spring of the 5th grade year.  The theme for this campout is "Communication without Words."

The canoeing campout in the fall of the 6th grade builds on the instruction from the previous spring and the theme for this campout is "It's A Journey not A Destination." In the spring of the 6th grade, the teams learn the basics of rock-climbing at a campout where the theme is "Trust."

In the fall of the 7th grade, the teams experience a more advanced rock-climbing experience where the theme is "Trusting Yourself." 7th graders are introduced to white water kayaking in the spring.  The theme for this campout is "Balance."

8th graders go on a kayaking campout in the fall and the theme for this campout is "Independence." The 8th grade spring campout focuses on wilderness photography skills, and the theme for this campout is "What's your Focus."

In the fall the 9th graders focus on backpacking and the theme for this campout is "Unloading your Emotional Backpack." In the spring the 9th graders focus on bushwacking and the theme for this campout is "Finding your own Path."

The HATS® experience culminates in the summer after the 9th grade, when teams go on a nine-day High Adventure Trek to Colorado.