About Us

High Adventure Treks for Dads and Sons is a 501(c)3 organization that has proved highly successful in helping boys achieve personal growth through the challenges provided in high adventure outdoor settings.  This success is achieved through providing the opportunity for father/son interaction within the context of community based and wilderness activities.  HATS encourages boys to accomplish feats that they previously thought unattainable.  By working closely with their fathers to meet these challenges, boys develop self-reliance, responsibility, teamwork, confidence, compassion, strength of conviction, and a strong sense of self determination.


Kipp Murray started High Adventure Treks (HATS) for Dads and Daughters in 1996 with his daughter Megan, and established the organization as a Texas non-profit corporation in 2001. HATS is a proactive organization because it is purposely designed for girls in their early teens, to address possible problems or pressures before they arrise.

The HATS program offers community-based outdoor education in conjunction with high-adventure activities, such as canoeing, rock-climbing, ropes courses, horseback riding, orienteering, and wilderness camping for fathers and daughters.  Challenge and adventure lead to renewal and commitment.  When dads and sons experience the unparalleled beauty of a sunset on a mountain peak or struggle together to climb the craggy face of a rocky cliff or take in the brightest stars on a cold clear night sky; they not only encounter the wonders of nature, but they achieve a deeper understanding of themselves and the true meaning of “dad and son.” HATS provides creative instruction and preparation, and ultimately hands-on participation to fathers and sons in high adventure settings.  Participants gain self-knowledge, leadership skills, and confidence to try new and challenging outdoor activities, and most importantly, they learn to rely on each other in challenges as well as in successes.




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