Our Philosophy

Visit any elementary school, talk to any principal in the United States and dismal accounts of shattered boyhood dreams are related to negative peer pressure, bullying, gangs, drug and alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy. Each year the number of young boys in these predicaments grows and astonishingly, the age of the boys affected become younger and younger. Boys between the ages of eleven and fourteen are at the highest risk of falling victim to these ills.

Pick up the daily newspaper and evidence jumps from the pages declaring that these problems are not limited by economic or societal status; these concerns are not defined by neighborhoods and schools; the issues are not the product of ethnicity or culture.

The factors causing this dilemma are numerous ¾ some blame the media, others point to a decline in religious affiliations, and still others cite the pressures of family and society for these problems. Regardless of the cause, there is clear evidence of one sure antidote—and Kipp Murray, founder of High Adventure Treks for Dads & Son, knew what it was and wanted it for his son and other young women in the Dallas community. It was positive interaction between a teenage son and his father, which serves as a key factor in preventing most of the societal problems facing young boys today.

High Adventure Treks (HATS) for Dads and Sons is one organization that promotes positive interaction between fathers and their sons through participation in outdoor activities and community-based events during these formative teen years.

As a 501 (c)3 non-profit adventure-education organization, Kipp Murray's vision was for HATS to be dedicated to providing opportunities for dads and their sons to be together in an outdoor environment, to share experiences not attained in their regular daily routines, and to achieve a new sense of commitment to each other and the values that their family holds.